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Review of Greenworx Cleaning Solutions

This week I was invited to try out the Greenworx Cleaning Solutions. A range of FMCG.


From Bathroom Cleaner to Dishwashing Liquid, All Surface Kitchen Cleaner, Grime Cleaners and even Washing Powders they have you sorted with deep cleaning and removing grease and grime.

The bathroom cleaner penetrates cracks and crevices and provides long lasting odour control. The kitchen cleaner deep cleans all surfaces while removing built up grease and grime.

The dishwashing liquid is also great to remove grease stains and cleans your plates and cutlery with minimum foam and your hands feel great afterwards.

All products are Eco-Friendly and have not been tested on animals.

The Dish Washing Liquid penetrates the toughest greasy burnt-on food soils and leaves the dishes nice and clean. It also saves on energy.

The Grime Away All Purpose Cleaner is a 100% citrus cleaner and is effective indoors and outdoors. It features deep clean enzymes with industrial strength.

I like the way the nozzle can be used as a spray or changed to a foam setting. Nice touch.

Their washing powder is also a great alternative and works well to clean your clothes.

Final verdict: Highly recommended

Try out their products for yourself and become a #ecowarrior

Consumers can buy all five products, which will last a family of four for a month, for under R200.

For more info on these products visit:  https://green-worxcs.co.za/shop


Review by Fred Felton

Twitter: @fredfelton


MTV Shuga: Down South

MTV Staying Alive Foundation Hosts Round Table Discussion of ‘MTV Shuga: Down South.’


Hard hitting contemporary youth drama sparks conversation about the unspoken.

Love, teenage pregnancy, HIV and contraception are just some of the topics that MTV Shuga: Down South sparks.

Not just women should be responsible for birth control.  LGBQTI and other topics are brought up by this show.

Legato Walaza, the actress who plays Zamo on MTV Shuga: Down South, confesses that many of the young girls in her school fell pregnant at 15 and 16.  ‘My cousin was one of them and I saw the stigma which rose from that,’ she says.

MTV Shuga: Down South can be viewed on MTV Base on Wednesdays at 21h30 and on SABC 1 on Fridays at 22h00.  The series is also available on the MTV Shuga You Tube Channel, http://www.mtvshuga.com/show/ .

MTV Shuga: Down South is supported by the South African government’s Department of Basic EducationPEPFAR (The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief)Marie Stopes International, ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action MSM & Transgender Programme, CIFF (Children’s Investment Fund Foundation) and FHI 360 (Family Health International).

MTV Shuga: Down South is produced on behalf of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and MTV Base by Quizzical Pictures.

To continue the conversation about MTV Shuga: Down South, please go to http://www.MTVShuga.com, like MTV Shuga on www.facebook.com/MTVShuga, or follow MTV Shuga on Twitter or Instagram @MTVShuga using the hashtag #MTVShugaDS.


Opportunity for African Writers, Directors and Film Critics 2017

The 38th Durban International Film Festival (DIFF), hosted by the Centre for Creative Arts, University of KwaZulu-Natal, with support from Berlinale Talents, is proud to announce the opening of applications for the 10th Talents Durban taking place 14 – 18 July under the theme “Perspectives; Seeing Things Differently”.


This year,Talents Durban opens submissions to African writers and directors with fiction, documentary and hybrid projects in development. Talents Durban will again welcome projects of all media formats such as film, television series, web series and content for mobile platforms. As part of the 10year celebration, this year’s programme is also opened to alumni of Talents Durban, building on sustainable networks and opening doors for collaboration. As before, Talents Durban will host mentorship and hands on training for emerging film critics. The Talent Press programme is a co-operation with FIPRESCI and the Goethe-Institut.

Talents Durban is also excited to include a new discipline in Animation and Visual Effects. The Animation Studio,will be launched as part of the programme to keep Africa at the forefront of current and new cinematic technology. Here, Talents of this discipline can share their ideas with fellow participants and experts, take part in various hands on programmes, excursions, and discuss and improve their aesthetics and mechanics of their own work under the tutelage of renowned mentors and experts.

How to apply

Applications are now open, visit www.berlinaletalents.de/bt/durban/ap/info/index  or www.durbanfilmfest.co.za

For more information contact; Lungile Ngubelanga (+27) 31 260 3586

Or email talentsdurban@gmail.com

DEADLINE: 5 May 2017

Spring 2014 Fashion Show For Umhlanga – Help Tafta Out – uShaka Marine World helps out a Chameleon


The Spring 2014 Fashion Show Is Almost Here


SAM Store is bringing you a Fashion Show

Venue: Umhlanga Centre

Date: 4th September

Time: 6h30pm

There will be fasion and food and drinks and Shannon Hope will be performing.


TAFTA Needs Your Help 

Have you bought a brick yet?

The TAFTA Buy-A-Brick Programme is aimed at involving ndividuals  in helping us provide more sheltered accommodation and care for older people.

We’ve produced booklets containing 20 symbolic paper bricks that cost R10 each and schools are encouraging pupils to sell the bricks.

The TAFTA staff and residents have given the phrase, “Charity begins at home” a whole new meaning. They’ve also taken up the challenge to sell as many booklets as possible.

Homes are competing against each other, and staff are competing against each other to win the title of most books sold. Friends and supporters, will you join in the ‘Brick’ campaign? If your answer is YES, please contact the income development and PR dept on

031 332 3721 or email info@tafta.org.za.

The campaign runs until June 2015.



uShaka Marine World helps out a young Flap-necked Chameleon

themba (640x479)

During the first week of June 2014, a young Flap-necked Chameleon barely 5cm in length was brought to uShaka Marine World’s Dangerous Creatures after being found on the roadside in Umhlanga Rocks.

The little one was so severely dehydrated that both his eyes were sunken, his skin was black and his movements were limited.  It was thought that his condition was possibly a result of in-adverse poisoning and not roadside trauma.  He began rehydration treatment immediately and was left in a quiet corner to rest and allow his organs to respond to the administering of fluids.

On the second day when he was still alive he was started on a course of antibiotics and left alone to rest for most of the day.  By the fourth day when he started moving (albeit slowly) and showed signs of fighting for survival he was named Themba (which means hope) and offered crickets.

Chameleons don’t generally respond well to human care but little Themba proved the exception and ate the two crickets offered to him twice daily.  Slowly over the next two months his skin colour changed, he started moving around more steadily and his right eye healed completely.

Chameleons conical eyes have fused eyelids leaving just a pinhole through which to see. They revolve independently allowing a 360o arc of vision.  Once they have a target in sight both eyes swing round to focus providing a stereoscopic depth perception for an accurate strike.

Chameleons can shoot out their tongues further than their own body length at a speed of three hundredths of a second.

Themba now spends his days in a specially designed movable exhibit outside rehab enjoying the sun and fresh air.   He is still being hand fed in the mornings as he is unable to focus on prey without two good eyes.  It is hoped that within the next month his left eye will fully recover enabling his release into a protected area in KZN.

Flap-neck Chameleons are found in tropical Africa southwards to KwaZulu Natal and although they are not considered endangered but are a highly threatened group.  Their greatest threats are humans through habitat destruction and chemical poisoning of their natural prey  which consists mostly of grasshoppers and beetles.

Less than 2 % of all Flap neck chameleons survive to adulthood – let’s do what we can to increase this number as they play a vital role in the natural web of life.

  • Brake for chameleons crossing roads
  • Limit the use of chemical sprays in your gardens
  • Don’t pick up chameleons unless you are sure they are in trouble

For more info – go to www.ushakamarineworld.co.za

This edition by Fred Felton

twitter @fredfelton







Mobile Web Africa Is Coming


Mobile Web Africa returns to Johannesburg and promises to drive progress and raise the bar again


MWA photo (640x427)

Mobile Web Africa is returning to South Africa in a few weeks’ time. The organisers, All Amber, have announced numerous new measures, key partnerships and organised a superb venue, all of which support the objective of setting a new standard of excellence for technology conferences on the continent. Mobile Web Africa will be held on 10 and 11 September at the spectacular Randlords in Johannesburg.

In October 2009 Mobile Web Africa first cemented its position in the then relatively undeveloped conference market in South Africa. Five years on, and All Amber founder Matthew Dawes is keenly aware of the need to deliver an exceptional conference experience.

“It’s remarkable looking back five years to when Mobile Web Africa was first launched. The events industry in SA has developed massively since we put together that event. For me, it’s important to see that my objective back in 2009 to facilitate the growth of the mobile data, services and products industry across the continent has come to fruition. I hope that the 15 events All Amber has organised across Sub-Saharan Africa have contributed to that growth. Mobile Web Africa 2014 is all about showing the progress the region has made,” says Dawes.

“Bringing Tomi Ahonen back to Jo’burg is a massive plus for the conference. He’s a global mobile industry rockstar and will be delivering material looking at the next stage of growth. The range and breadth of the contributors is outstanding. We have confirmed individuals such as Gustav Praekelt, Emma Kaye and Chika Nwobi (who is coming in from Lagos specifically for the event); Robert Lamptey from Saya in Ghana is an incredible presenter; Nanjira Sambuli from the iHub in Nairobi is going to discuss ICT4D and innovation; and then you’ve got market leading organisations including Standard Bank, Junk Mail, KPMG, Mahindra Comviva, Yahoo! and Deloitte.

For Thursday lunch we’ve brought together Intel, AppCircus and Mobile Monday South Africa for a mobile app competition. Africa’s leading app developer will win the chance to represent the continent on the world stage at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  Intel is also generously providing complimentary tickets for 10 leading start-ups and developers.  Another feature that we introduced at our 2014 events in Kenya and Nigeria is the “Leaders of Mobile” keynote session. This will be brought to the Johannesburg event, and will kick-start the conference and tackle the core issues that need discussion to enable further progress.”

In addition, Mobile Web Africa will be hosting the inaugural Standard Bank MMA SMARTIES™ Awards on the evening of 10 September. This will be an evening highlighting the work that is leading the industry in taking mobile marketing to the next level, and represents an ideal collaboration.

Year-on-year the event has delivered crucial business development opportunities and Randlords is the perfect environment for Mobile Web Africa 2014. Attendees will receive table service during sessions so that the market leading organisations and the current and future industry leaders are able to focus entirely on the matter at hand: developing the industry even further.

The Mobile Web Africa 2014 agenda is available to view online at the event website: www.mobilewebafrica.com. As is normally the case with All Amber conferences, it has been split into eight distinct sessions over two days. Sessions include: The leaders of mobile; thought leader interview and address; the landscape for digital entrepreneurs across Sub-Saharan Africa; driving thought leadership in mobile marketing; the debate around the future of mobile money; smart cities and smart living; mobile content, users & consumption; and showcase presentations.

About All Amber

All Amber was founded in 2009 by Matthew Dawes to produce interactive, discussion-based events specifically aimed at high-level strategists in mobile technology across Africa. To date, All Amber events are industry-leading and highly acclaimed.

All Amber events provide abundant networking opportunities, which have been proven to lead to growing business and new partnerships. This is achieved by:

  • A highly interactive roundtable seating format to facilitate genuinely constructive discussion and networking
  • Creating intimate and stimulating environments by using the best venues on offer
  • Networking sessions designed to encourage maximum interaction between attendees

For more information please visit http://allamber.co.uk


About Mobile Web Africa

Back in 2009, there simply weren’t many conferences in Sub-Saharan Africa, especially ones that focused purely on mobile data, products and services. When you combine the prevalence of the mobile handset with the extraordinary potential of the web and apps then what you’ve got is a game changer.

Since 2009 Mobile Web Africa, and its sister events Mobile West Africa and Mobile East Africa, have become the leading mobile technology, business-to- business, conferences on the continent. The conference brings together the best brains in the African mobile ecosystem.

For more information please visit http://mobilewebafrica.com

This edition by Molly Dimpho

Set sail with the new luxurious Fairline yacht brand

During this time of global economic crisis, emerging countries are driving growth in the luxury sector, and Africa is suddenly being noticed as a strong contender. This economic stride makes us South Africans feel like we’re finally becoming part of the global luxury industry.

The number of high net worth individuals in Africa is set to double in the next ten years, according to Knight Frank’s Wealth Report.  So too will the demand for luxury goods rise exponentially. Recent sales and enquiries for multi-million rand yachts by millionaires, especially by dollar millionaires playing in the energy fields, reflect this trend.

The number of Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) – those with more than $30m or more in net assets – across the world has grown by 59% since 2003, but in Africa the increase has been 130% against the world average of 8.3%. This compares to 89% in Asia, 116% in the Middle East and just 44% in Europe.

“This can only mean we will see more and more luxury brands flooding our shores,” says Derrick Levy, MD of Boating World, leading boating brokers, exporters and importers specializing in luxury motor-yacht market in Sub-Shahara Africa.

A recent sale of the prestigious, R25million 65 Fairline squadron yacht, the first of its kind to be sold through South Africa into Angola, is a demonstration of this.  After weeks of meticulous fine tuning by Boating World, the exclusive agents for the prestigious British based Fairline luxury yacht brand, this glimpse of grandeur was cleared for her West Coast journey to her new home in Angola.

The yacht offers extravagant comfort and grace which ensures that it performs well on choppy seas reaching up to 35-knots. Generous living spaces flow freely from one area to the next to create an exquisite ambience in which to relax, explore and entertain. It boasts of a variety of social areas from the chaise longue, sun pad or aft-facing sunbeds to a wide-ranging seating/dining area. There’s really no need to move as one is already comfortably secluded.

Squadron flybridge yachts offer customers the security of well-proven design features and sophisticated advances in marine engineering. Every part of the yacht has been carefully considered with every luxury accounted for.

Fine craftsmanship and furnishings as well as hand-worked cabinetry are hallmarks of the newly launched Fairline Squadron S65.Nowhere are these details more elegantly expressed than in the long, wide single-level interior – a testament to the 65’s ingenious flat floor design – that is usually reserved for much larger yachts.

The sensual, al fresco-style area sums up the personality of this yacht: spacious, easy to move around in and an experienced entertainer’s dream.

For more information on the Fairline Squadran yachts visit www.boatingworld.co.za.

Article by Lauren Immelman