Review of Greenworx Cleaning Solutions

This week I was invited to try out the Greenworx Cleaning Solutions. A range of FMCG.


From Bathroom Cleaner to Dishwashing Liquid, All Surface Kitchen Cleaner, Grime Cleaners and even Washing Powders they have you sorted with deep cleaning and removing grease and grime.

The bathroom cleaner penetrates cracks and crevices and provides long lasting odour control. The kitchen cleaner deep cleans all surfaces while removing built up grease and grime.

The dishwashing liquid is also great to remove grease stains and cleans your plates and cutlery with minimum foam and your hands feel great afterwards.

All products are Eco-Friendly and have not been tested on animals.

The Dish Washing Liquid penetrates the toughest greasy burnt-on food soils and leaves the dishes nice and clean. It also saves on energy.

The Grime Away All Purpose Cleaner is a 100% citrus cleaner and is effective indoors and outdoors. It features deep clean enzymes with industrial strength.

I like the way the nozzle can be used as a spray or changed to a foam setting. Nice touch.

Their washing powder is also a great alternative and works well to clean your clothes.

Final verdict: Highly recommended

Try out their products for yourself and become a #ecowarrior

Consumers can buy all five products, which will last a family of four for a month, for under R200.

For more info on these products visit:


Review by Fred Felton

Twitter: @fredfelton

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