What Does Amarula, The Web and The GPS Have In Common?



Amarula styled image LR

Amarula celebrates its 25th birthday this September. Launched as a cream liqueur in 1989, its name has become virtually synonymous with South Africa.

Amarula Cream sells in over 100 countries and is one of South Africa’s most successful exports. It’s the only local product to make it on to the list of the *world’s top 100 premium spirits brands. It’s also been voted one of the world’s hottest bar brands by bar owners and mixologists, and is a favourite amongst duty-free travellers across the globe.

Its universal popularity has been the catalyst for a new expression of Amarula in Amarula Gold, a clear premium spirit, launched earlier this year and made for mixing. Like its older sibling, it is produced from the fruit of the marula tree and the support for both keeps on growing, thanks to their unique, very individual and authentic marula taste profiles.

The year of Amarula Cream’s beginning was also a time of other great ideas. It was the year the Berlin Wall came down, signalling the end of the Cold War. It was also the year Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist, wrote his proposal for what was to become the World Wide Web. The satellite that was the first in a constellation of 24 making up the global positioning system (GPS) was also put into orbit in 1989.

Today, no-one thinks anymore of East Germany and West Germany. It’s barely imaginable that people could survive without access to the Internet or a navigational device and there are many people, who feel that way about Amarula too!

Happy Birthday, Amarula!

Visit www.amarula.com or www.facebook.com/amarula for more.

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