Book Launches Across South Africa Tonight – Catch Ewok 1 Night Only In Durban


Book Launches Across South Africa 


Wed 17 Sept 2014

Time: 18h00 for 18h30

Venue: Kalk Bay Books, 124 Main Road, Cape Town

RSVP Mary-Ann at


Wed 17 Sept 2014

Time: 17h30 for 18h00

Venue: Exclusive Books, The Pavilion Shopping Centre, Durban




Slam Solo – An Evening With Ewok – 1 Night Only 

Ewok (427x640)

“I like a little lyric but a bigger one’s better…”

8 international appearances // 5 shows // 5 albums // 

2 books // multiple awards // going bald

That’s the combined product of just over ten years of Spoken Word performance from home-grown popular poet, Iain EWOK Robinson.  With an international track record from Stockholm to Medellin, he has made a success out of speaking an authentically Durban type of “word”.

On Thursday the 25th of September, for one night only, he’s bringing it home.  Come and bear witness to an evening of straight Spoken Word from this prolific pen-pushing son of the “Poison City”.

“I’m not trying to be conservative.  I just think we need to think about what we’re selling to the kids…”

From his first recital as a second year student at UND in 2002 to his featured slot as Poetry Africa’s 2012 Dennis Brutus Memorial poet, EWOK has made performance poetry his craft.  As both a theatre professional and an artist strongly influenced by Hip Hop culture, he has developed a style that is a unique blend of both in an effort to access as many stages as possible with his urge to be “heard above the herd”.  Coming from an educational and an activist family, his perspective is shaped largely by both, and his work flows between a variety of topics.  His lyrical influences are as diverse as his subject matter, from Tim Rice’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” to Cypress Hill‘s “Black Sunday”.


From sagging his pants to his social stance, his accent to his articulation, EWOK pulls in all the pieces so all the people can pull-in and publicly puzzle together.

SLAM SOLO, an evening with an Ewok, one night only…

As a both a poetry Slam champion and battle rapper EWOK enjoys improvised performances.  Join him at the SEABROOKES THEATRE for one night onThursday the 25th of September, where he will tie together ten years of professional performance poetry into an hour of live entertainment and Spoken Word spectacle.  Expect old classics and fresh material, including his soon-to-be-poetic-hit-single “Patrick Lambie”.

TICKETS R70 – Box Office opens 6:30pm – show starts 7:30pm
LIMITED SEATING – BOOKING ESSENTIAL through Going Places (Ailsa) – 0832502690
BOOKS ON SALE “Pimp My Poetry” R100


This edition by Fred Felton

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Own a piece of art courtesy of Lyle & Scott


South Africa celebrates Lyle & Scott’s 140th Anniversary

allowing you to own a piece of history



To commemorate 140 years of heritage, artists, fans of the brand and fashion enthusiasts commissioned by Lyle & Scott have created original masterpieces for the 140 series.

You can view them all at

Viewers can bid on the artwork all of which have a reserve of R200.

Each winning bidder will receive an invite to attend the gala as part of the celebrations.

The 140 artworks will take pride of place in Gallery MOMO  on 9th of October 2014.

Each artist will receive full profit from their artwork and the artworks that get the 3 highest bids get R5000, R3000 and R2000 respectively.

DDB will also offer two six month paid internships to student participants.

The 140 collection by Lyle & Scott launches this summer to celebrate Lyle & Scott’s anniversary and Scottish heritage.


What Does Amarula, The Web and The GPS Have In Common?



Amarula styled image LR

Amarula celebrates its 25th birthday this September. Launched as a cream liqueur in 1989, its name has become virtually synonymous with South Africa.

Amarula Cream sells in over 100 countries and is one of South Africa’s most successful exports. It’s the only local product to make it on to the list of the *world’s top 100 premium spirits brands. It’s also been voted one of the world’s hottest bar brands by bar owners and mixologists, and is a favourite amongst duty-free travellers across the globe.

Its universal popularity has been the catalyst for a new expression of Amarula in Amarula Gold, a clear premium spirit, launched earlier this year and made for mixing. Like its older sibling, it is produced from the fruit of the marula tree and the support for both keeps on growing, thanks to their unique, very individual and authentic marula taste profiles.

The year of Amarula Cream’s beginning was also a time of other great ideas. It was the year the Berlin Wall came down, signalling the end of the Cold War. It was also the year Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist, wrote his proposal for what was to become the World Wide Web. The satellite that was the first in a constellation of 24 making up the global positioning system (GPS) was also put into orbit in 1989.

Today, no-one thinks anymore of East Germany and West Germany. It’s barely imaginable that people could survive without access to the Internet or a navigational device and there are many people, who feel that way about Amarula too!

Happy Birthday, Amarula!

Visit or for more.

Spring 2014 Fashion Show For Umhlanga – Help Tafta Out – uShaka Marine World helps out a Chameleon


The Spring 2014 Fashion Show Is Almost Here


SAM Store is bringing you a Fashion Show

Venue: Umhlanga Centre

Date: 4th September

Time: 6h30pm

There will be fasion and food and drinks and Shannon Hope will be performing.


TAFTA Needs Your Help 

Have you bought a brick yet?

The TAFTA Buy-A-Brick Programme is aimed at involving ndividuals  in helping us provide more sheltered accommodation and care for older people.

We’ve produced booklets containing 20 symbolic paper bricks that cost R10 each and schools are encouraging pupils to sell the bricks.

The TAFTA staff and residents have given the phrase, “Charity begins at home” a whole new meaning. They’ve also taken up the challenge to sell as many booklets as possible.

Homes are competing against each other, and staff are competing against each other to win the title of most books sold. Friends and supporters, will you join in the ‘Brick’ campaign? If your answer is YES, please contact the income development and PR dept on

031 332 3721 or email

The campaign runs until June 2015.



uShaka Marine World helps out a young Flap-necked Chameleon

themba (640x479)

During the first week of June 2014, a young Flap-necked Chameleon barely 5cm in length was brought to uShaka Marine World’s Dangerous Creatures after being found on the roadside in Umhlanga Rocks.

The little one was so severely dehydrated that both his eyes were sunken, his skin was black and his movements were limited.  It was thought that his condition was possibly a result of in-adverse poisoning and not roadside trauma.  He began rehydration treatment immediately and was left in a quiet corner to rest and allow his organs to respond to the administering of fluids.

On the second day when he was still alive he was started on a course of antibiotics and left alone to rest for most of the day.  By the fourth day when he started moving (albeit slowly) and showed signs of fighting for survival he was named Themba (which means hope) and offered crickets.

Chameleons don’t generally respond well to human care but little Themba proved the exception and ate the two crickets offered to him twice daily.  Slowly over the next two months his skin colour changed, he started moving around more steadily and his right eye healed completely.

Chameleons conical eyes have fused eyelids leaving just a pinhole through which to see. They revolve independently allowing a 360o arc of vision.  Once they have a target in sight both eyes swing round to focus providing a stereoscopic depth perception for an accurate strike.

Chameleons can shoot out their tongues further than their own body length at a speed of three hundredths of a second.

Themba now spends his days in a specially designed movable exhibit outside rehab enjoying the sun and fresh air.   He is still being hand fed in the mornings as he is unable to focus on prey without two good eyes.  It is hoped that within the next month his left eye will fully recover enabling his release into a protected area in KZN.

Flap-neck Chameleons are found in tropical Africa southwards to KwaZulu Natal and although they are not considered endangered but are a highly threatened group.  Their greatest threats are humans through habitat destruction and chemical poisoning of their natural prey  which consists mostly of grasshoppers and beetles.

Less than 2 % of all Flap neck chameleons survive to adulthood – let’s do what we can to increase this number as they play a vital role in the natural web of life.

  • Brake for chameleons crossing roads
  • Limit the use of chemical sprays in your gardens
  • Don’t pick up chameleons unless you are sure they are in trouble

For more info – go to

This edition by Fred Felton

twitter @fredfelton